Long Island Gay and Lesbian Film Festival

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Kiss Me
November 10, 2012
Showtimes (change daily)
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Join us for a lively survey of the best in American and international Gay and Lesbian filmmaking.

Featuring Filmmakers In Person, Receptions, Parties, Bagel Brunches, and more!

11:45 AM Bagel Brunch

Hosted by the Long Island Community Fellowship with a display of works by local artists

12:10 PM
Student’s Short Film Program
The Red Bike (Andrew Steggall, 2011, UK, 10mins), Jackpot (Adam Baran, 2012, USA, 10 mins.), The Maiden and The Princess ( Ali Scher, 2011, USA, 19 mins.), I Don’t Want To Go Back Alone (Daniel Riebeiro, 2010, Brazil, 17 mins), Love Is All You Need (Kim Rocco Shields, 2011, USA, 20 mins.)

1:00 PM
Taking a Chance on God
(Brendan Fay, 2012, USA, 55 mins.)
Documentary film of John McNeill, Catholic priest and pioneering advocate for LGBT human rights, traces his life – from a childhood in Buffalo, his months as a prisoner of war in Nazi Germany, his call to priesthood and his ongoing passion for justice and equality. Father McNeill also co-founded the gay and lesbian Catholic group, Dignity. In 1976, he published the groundbreaking classic The Church and the Homosexual, and his coming out on the “Today Show” in 1976 was historic. Filmmaker In Attendance.

2:45 PM
Facing Mirrors
(Negar Azarbayjani, 2011, Iran, 103 mins)
Rana and Adineh, two women of opposite backgrounds and social class, are accidentally brought together to share a journey. Rana, religious and bound by traditions, is forced to drive a cab in order to survive financially. Rebellious Adineh has escaped from her home. Rana soon realizes that her passenger is a transsexual who is planning on having sexual reassignment surgery. For Rana, comprehending and accepting such reality is close to impossible and equal to surpassing all she the traditions she values.

4:15-5 PM Cocktail Reception
Hosted by TGDOR for the film Facing Mirrors

4:45 PM
Joe + Belle
(Veronica Kedar, 2011, Israel, 80 mins)
This dark comedy Indie follows the “Thelma and Louise” friendship of Joe, a woman involved with the wrong guy, and Belle, a suicidal dependant. Follow their budding friendship from nights in Tel Aviv to the karaokesinging, bomb-ridden streets of Sderot.
with Out of Bounds (Nicholas Paul Ybarra, 2011, USA, 18 mins)

6:30 PM Dinner Reception for Joe + Belle & Kiss Me
Hosted by LI Chowda Co.

7:15 PM
Kiss Me
(Alexandra-Therese Keining, 2011, Sweden, 106 mins)
Mia, a thirty-something well-to-do architect who finds her life turned upside down when she unexpectedly falls in love with the free-spirited Frida. The two women meet at an engagement party and discover an instant attraction that immediately calls into question Mia’s engagement to her longtime boyfriend, Tim. Notable for its sumptuous and sensual love scenes, Kiss Me deftly portrays the ecstasy of true, undeniable lesbian love entwined with the angst of coming out.

8:30 PM Cocktail Reception
sponsored by The Human Rights Campaign
Entertainment provided by Lydia Sabosto (lydiamakesmusic@optomimum.net)

9:15 PM
Elliot Loves
(Terracino, 2012, USA, 92 mins)
The story of Dominican-American Elliot Ayende at two stages of his life: as a 9-year-old who is a side-kick and confidant to his barely-keeping-it-together single mom and as a 21-year-old looking for love in New York City. A comedy-drama that shows you can survive anything life throws at
you. Filmmaker and some of cast in attendance.
with Play Name (Dave Snyder, 2010, Thailand, 12 mins)

11:30 PM After Party
at Mac’s Steakhouse, 12 Gerard St., Huntington, NY
sponsored by Pride for Youth