Long Island Gay and Lesbian Film Festival

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Naked As We Came
November 11, 2012
Showtimes (change daily)
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Join us for a lively survey of the best in American and international Gay and Lesbian filmmaking.

Featuring Filmmakers In Person, Receptions, Parties, Bagel Brunches, and more!

11:00 AM Film Festival Fundraiser – Bagel Breakfast
hosted by Auntie M’s Helping Hands with Dinner Anyone sponsoring.
Includes Bagels, Cocktail, Entertainment and a ticket to short film program of your choice.
$15.00 in advance, $20.00 at the door – Check LIGLFF.org for ticket info.

12:00 PM Men In Film
The Best Short Films for Men 2012 (94 mins)
The Seder (Justin Kelly, 2011, Canada, 13 mins), Sabbatical (Glenn Kiser, 2012, USA, 13 mins), Fallen Comrade (James Valdez, 2012, USA, 12 mins), A Good Son (Juan Gil Garcia, 2011, Mexico, 20 mins), Dirty Talk (Jeff Sumner, 2012, USA, 13 mins), Pride (Marc Saltarelli, 2011, USA, 23 mins)

12:15 PM Women In Film
The Best Short Films of 2012 for Women (91 mins)
T’Ain’t Nobody’s Bizness: Queer Blues Divas of the 1920s (Robert Philipson, 2011, USA, 28 mins). Lady Pochoir (Petra Clever, 2010, Germany, 38 mins), Tsuyako (Mitsuyo Miyazaki, 2011, Japan, 25 mins.)

2:00 PM
Jobriath A.D.
(Kieran Turner, 2011, USA, 103 mins.)
Known as the first openly gay rock star, Jobriath’s reign was brief, lasting less than two years and two albums. Done in by an over-hyped publicity machine, shunned by the gay community, and dismissed by most critics as all flash and no substance, Jobriath was excommunicated from the
music business and retreated to the Chelsea Hotel. Through interviews, archival material and animation, experience the heartbreaking, unbelievable story of the one, the only, Jobriath.

3:30 PM Cocktail Reception

4:00 PM
She: Their Love Story
(Sranya Noithai, 2012, Thailand, 93 mins)
A story of parallel lives, Bua, hides from her life behind the closed doors of her spa. The only person she lets into her life is June, a freelance photographer. At the end of her life journey, Bua is granted one last chance to discover the profound meaning of passionate love. Meanwhile Da has her reputation ruined when her “perfect” boyfriend emails raunchy video clips of her. Da immerses herself in her writing, where she convinces Be, a charming tomboy, to be her research subject. During the course of the assignment, their relationship turns sexual, and Da starts to asks herself if her feelings towards Be could be real love.
with Cyclicity (Jason Knade, 2011, USA, 11 mins)

6:00 PM
A Few Days of Respite
(Amor Hakkar, 2010, France/ Algeria, 81 mins)
Mohsen and Hassan have recently fled Iran, where their gay relationship could mean a death sentence. At a small-town train station enroute to Paris, Mohsen encounters an attractive 60ish widow. After helping her, she offers him some day-labor work unaware that he’s traveling with
Hassan. The next day he begins painting her living room, which soon leads to a lunch invitation and then the offer of a bed for the night.
with Blood Flow (James Defebaugh, 2011, USA, 6 mins.)

7:30 PM Dinner Respite hosted by Quetzalcoatl Restaurant

8:15 PM
Naked As We Came
(Richard LeMay, 2012, USA, 86 mins)
After an unexpected phone call, Elliot and his sister Laura rush to the family country estate to find their mother gravely ill and living with Ted, a handsome “landscaper”. Their mother’s condition sets them on a path, realizing where their lives went wrong. Love, loss and hope are all explored in this powerful drama, leaving you asking, “What is your dream?”
with The Last Waltz (Nickolas Bird, 2011, Australia, 22 mins)