Night of the Bloody Apes – In Person: Johnny Legend!!!

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Night of the Bloody Apes
January 19, 2013
Showtimes (change daily)
Saturday, January 19 at 11pm

Join famed Movie Producer, Rockabilly Star, Wrestling Promoter, World Women’s Wrestling Champion, and Horror Archivist JOHNNY LEGEND for three nights of Psychotronic Movie & TV Madness!!!

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The funniest of the many sleaze epics generated over the years by Rene Cardona (the man behind such delicious anti-classics as Doctor of Doom and Santa Claus), this wacko gem starts off as an El Santo ripoff, and quickly veers into gory territory when innocent women are suddenly attacked by shirtless muscleman with an ape face — the result of a mad doctor who tries to reverse the effects of his son’s leukemia by giving him the heart of an ape. While the film would already be compelling enough based on the sheer lunacy of its premise, Cardona spices up the proceedings with piles of cheesecake nudity, the aforementioned heart transplant, and crazy gore (all rendered in loving color.) On top of all this, the crazy dubbing just adds to the fun, as characters spout nonsensical observations right and left, turning the story into a maddening jumble. What’s not to love? (Mexico, 1969, 81 min., color, Blu-ray)

Actor, director, rockabilly singer, trash film historian, wrestling manager and promoter — modern-day Renaissance man Johnny Legend has truly done it all and then some in a remarkably rich, eclectic, and impressive career that has spanned over four decades and shows no signs of stopping in the immediate near future. Legend formed the folk-rock group the Seeds of Time and first started establishing his singularly outrageous rock’n’roll wildman persona in 1966. In 1970 Johnny began playing 50s rock’n’roll songs with the band Blue Midnight. He recorded numerous songs for Ronny Weiser‘s Rollin’ Rock Records and fronted the band the Rollin’ Rock Rebels in the 70s. In 1977 Legend co-wrote and produced the popular novelty song “Pencil Neck Geek” for wrestler Fred Blassie. That same year his crude porno comedy Teenage Cruisers was released. In 1983 Johnny co-wrote and co-directed the offbeat comedy feature My Breakfast With Blassie with Blassie and legendary avant-garde comic Andy Kaufman. After one of the strangest feuds in pro wrestling history, manager Johnny Legend defeated Cheryl “Lightning” Russa and walked away with the coveted A.I.W.A. World’s Women’s Championship before a stunned outdoor audience in Maywood, California. Wrestling scholars and historians have all acknowledged that this is definitely the first time a man has won the women’s title (Andy Kaufman, God love him, only wrestled amateur women from the audience). Legend created both the Sleazemania and Teenage Theater series for Rhino Home Video in the late 80s and played an instrumental role in rediscovering and re-releasing countless obscure cartoons, low-budget horror flicks, and groovy exploitation pictures that otherwise might have vanished into oblivion. Among the movies Johnny has acted in are The Cat Ate My ParakeetPrison ShipBride of Re-AnimatorBug Buster, the Kaufman bio film Man on the Moon, and 2001 Maniacs. He released the album “Bitchin‘” in 1998. Moreover, Legend has promoted wrestling matches and managed wrestlers on the West Coast. Johnny now runs the DVD label Legendhouse and continues to tour and perform music on stage all over the world.

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Saturday, January 18 at 11pm