Power of Bro’

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Power of Bro
March 14, 2013
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Thursday, March 14 at 7pm

A moving documentary about two Israeli brothers, pulled apart by life, who come together for an epic bike ride across Israel when one of them is struck by Parkinson’s

In Person: RONEN and EYAL YAARI and Filmmaker OFER COHEN 

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Eyal and Ronen Yaari had an idyllic life in 1960s Israel where the two brothers lived a carefree lifestyle full of adventure that would sustain them for the years to come. When they reached college age, they went their separate ways. Ronen became a world traveler searching for answers in self-propelled adventures around the globe, and Eyal delved into the mysteries of computer programming and was on track to greatness. Family issues and the vagaries of life took them in very different directions. Ronan eventually settled in Huntington, Long Island. They each stuck to their own paths and a rift was created. In 2004, Eyal was diagnosed with Parkinson’s and two years later he was rushed to the hospital with a heart attack. Ronen’s little brother was withdrawing into his intellect and shelving his withered body. Whether Ronen accepted it or not, it was his time as the older brother to grow up. Ronen challenged Eyal to join him on a 400 mile bike from Jerusalem to their lost home in Eilat. Although Eyal found walking a treadmill challenging, he could not resist such an audacious challenge. Ronen began the uphill task of getting Eyal fit for this strenuous ride. But even before the first spin class, Eyal was back in the hospital. Sitting at Eyal’s bedside, the two brothers agreed, they were going to ride together into Eilat no matter what. Ofer Cohen‘s moving new documentary, Power of Bro’, follows Ronan and Eyal as they participate in The Israel Ride 2011. This cross-country ride, which is hosted by the Arava Institute, for the co-existence of Arabs and Jews, provided the perfect backdrop for the empowering adventure the Yaari brothers took on their tandem bike “Camello.” They rode through the landscape of their childhood dealing with both physical and mental hills in search of both inner and outer peace.