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YES! I choose to make a fully tax-deductible, unrestricted, non-membership donation to the Cinema Arts Centre.


Special thanks to the Alpern Family Foundation who have committed to helping us reach our goal by matching your gifts in the month of December, dollar-for-dollar up to a total of $20,000!

“Do what you can do is my philosophy. It just means that it’s okay that I can’t save the world, but I can participate in the opportunities that come my way to do my part.  It’s one reason I’m supporting the Life of the Cinema Campaign with a donation, knowing that CAC is not only one of the most important cultural venues on Long Island, but that those behind it share my values.” – Linda Whelan, CAC Member and Volunteer

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This year our goal is to raise $150,000 for our programs and operations, as well as to support projects which will allow us to continue to reduce our carbon footprint and become more energyrobby-efficient.

Among the many important issues elevated through Cinema Arts Centre programs, environmental issues are among the most relevant. The Cinema Arts Centre has served as a platform for a variety of pro-environmental groups and has used the power of film to raise consciousness, promote dialogue and inspire action on such issues as climate change, sustainable agriculture, energy efficiency and more. Additionally, our facility and our business practices reflect many pro-environmental choices, such as the use of bamboo, a renewable resource, in the construction of our Box Office and Sky Room Café.  Our café also features all-natural, organic and non-genetically-modified foods and uses recycled paper products and non-leaching biodegradable utensils.  Much of our facility is outfitted with high-efficiency, low-wattage lighting.  But there are many areas where we need to improve in order to become better environmental stewards.

Please, help us feeds my mind and soul.o reach our goal of $150,000 with your fully tax-deductible unrestricted gift of any amount.  Support our programs and operations, and help us to make critical upgrades to our facility that will reduce our carbon footprint, allowing us not only to preserve our great programs for future generations, but to preserve our environment.

Please give today.

Click the link above to make your contribution today, or download this form and mail it to:

Cinema Arts Centre
423 Park Avenue
Huntington, NY 11743


Please make your check payable to Cinema Arts Centre.

“The Cinema Arts Centre has always been sort of a refuge for the two of us … a place where we can get away from ‘blow them up-shoot them up, overdone special effects’ movies; a place where increasing awareness of the real world takes precedence over fantasy explanations where some super hero will save the day. Unfortunately, the  real world is under environmental attack and we believe it is our responsibility to our neighbors and future generations to do what we can. To us, helping Cinema reduce its “footprint” is as much a common sense option as adhering to recycling regulations. We are happy to support Cinema in this endeavor and have voted not only with our support  but generously with our pocketbooks”.” – Ken and Cathy Katz, CAC Board of Directors, CAC Circle of Friends

“Think globally, act locally. We now have the perfect opportunity to do so. With contributions to “Greening Our Cinema” through The Life of the Cinema Campaign, we can help make the Cinema Arts Centre more energy efficient and reduce our carbon footprint.  Sustaining and improving our Earth and our Cinema are two things about which I’m very passionate. Even the smallest changes and contributions can help. Together we can make a difference. Please join me in making a contribution to improve and sustain these two beautiful places – our Earth and our Cinema!” – Lynda Morella, CAC Member and Volunteer

Does your company have a matching gift program? Click HERE to find out.


  • Testimonials

    I have been going to the Cinema Arts Center since it was called the New Community Cinema and showing films on bedsheets. It has since become a vital part of the Long Island culture scene. The word community has been dropped from its name, but the community that it has built is thriving - CAC Member